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Case Study: CatchFIRE Systems UK Launch

During late 2003 I organised the UK press launch of CatchFIRE Systems and their innovative FIRENode product (recently renamed to CatchFIRE Visitor Management).

Working once again with Rainier PR, we successfully got the message across to a range of publications - covering CatchFIRE's target vertical markets (banking, online gaming and travel) as well as specialist horizontal publications for marketing and IT disciplines.

From this page you can read some of the articles to see how the message was successfully presented to journalists in the form of newsworthy and easy to assimilate surveys.

Marketing campaigns 'can paralyse Web sites'
Graeme Wearden - 19 November 2003

Marketing and IT departments not talking and losing their employers cash...
Jo Best - 9 November 2003

Tech letting down marketing
Susie Harwood - 18 November 2003

Complex web services come under fire
Robert Jaques - 21 October 2003

Customers frustrated by web delays
17 October 2003

Abandoned sales are costing e-tailers
Wendy McAuliffe - 18 September 2003

Research shows e-tail sites failing
Chris Lake - 11 September 2003

Web gridlock stalling UK e-commerce
Robert Jaques - 10 September 2003

Websites that crash
Tim Richardson - 9 September 2003

Web doorman aims to add QoS to the Web
Peter Judge - 9 September 2003

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